Why JCG?

Nature of Services Provided by Us

When there is a very large requirement of highly skilled workers we release an advertisement in the leading newspapers. This is only if the requirement is very large in each category, otherwise in most cases it will be readily available in our data bank.

When a large number of workers are required, the interviews can be scheduled in any of our branch offices also, other than the main offices. We also have full-fledged workshops with all equipment and tools for trade testing the workers at all these centres. Upon receipt of the correct information and on order confirmation, we can arrange the interview within 5 days of notice period. For specially skilled categories we advise scheduling of the interview with at least one week's notice, so that senior workers will have sufficient time to take leave for attending the interview.

Our role is purely one of screening, interviewing and trade testing the candidates based on certain norms and company procedures developed by us, but it is entirely the client's responsibility to check thoroughly the candidates qualifications, experience and suitability in all respects. Though every care is taken while interviewing and selecting the workers, we cannot accept any responsibility for their character and integrity.

We take necessary steps to reach the recruitment vacancies to people.