Why JCG?

About our Exhaustive Databank

Our data bank has more than 20,000 CV's readily available, in over 200 categories which are constantly being refreshed from the following sources.
We regularly advertise in all the leading newspapers all over India and therefore receive large numbers of applications every day, in all categories of workers.

Since we have many branch offices, we procure the CV's from these different offices also.

Another source is through our field executives who supply us the candidates from different parts of the country.

These multiple sources ensure that our data bank is always up to date and can produce CV's of the required workers within a very short time.

The data bank being fully computerized, enables tracing the workers CV's instantly. We then shortlist a suitable selection from the vast CVs available in the database. Then, we inform the candidate by cable or by call letters to attend a preliminary interview. If they meet or exceed the client's requirement & specification, then only do we ask them to be present for the final interview with the client.

Our databank contains a huge number of CV's and also we have it categorised it.