Why JCG?

Our Quality Assurance and Guarantee


All candidates who submit their application to us have to first undergo a preliminary interview and a practical trade test with our concerned Testing Engineer to evaluate his skill.

After skill evaluation of the candidate, he is identified for which post he is eligible and his CV is fed into the respective file of the data bank.

On receiving the manpower requisition and detailed job description from our clients, we will call only the candidates who fulfill the minimum qualification and experience required by the client. Hence the workers who attend the final interview will be of the required experience and technical grade.

With the support of the well experienced staff, all the other follow up works including medical check up, visa endorsement, immigration formalities and air ticket booking will be done promptly, thus ensuring a high quality & speedy mobilisation service.

Probation and Guarantee

We are responsible for the performance & productivity of the candidate recruited by us for a period of 3 months. We will replace, at no additional cost to the employer, any employee who may be found to be not qualified to work as per the job description attached to his contractual position during the 90 day's probation period. We also replace candidates if found medically unfit during the probation.

We assure 100% quality performance by our crew.

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